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About Us

  Our mission

At FIGISCO we aim to satisfy the design, quality, price and service needs of our domestic and international customers. We maintain the highest standards and are focused on providing excellent customer service. We strive to uphold and promote sustainable and responsible practices through the continuous development of our staff and the adoption of the latest technology.


  Our story

FIGISCO has specialized in women, men, baby and childrenswear design and manufacturing since 1985. Focused on high quality products, FIGISCO has grown to become an international supplier.


  Our focus on quality

At FIGISCO, quality means going beyond compliance. Our focus on quality is based on our people, our service oriented culture, the materials we use and our processes.


FIGISCO has specialized in women, men, baby and childrenswear design and manufacturing since 1985. Focused on high quality products, FIGISCO has grown to become an international supplier. 


During the first years of operation, the company was dedicated to the production of children's fashion, supplying the Peruvian market. Beginning as a family business operating from a small workshop of 200 m2, FIGISCO managed the design, manufacturing and finishing of its own brand Figi's. The attractive designs and high quality materials of Figi’s brand encouraged the company to grow rapidly and look to expand its operations.


In the early 90s, FIGISCO started working with international private label brands. In the late 90s, the company continued to accumulate experience by providing services to companies across Latin American. In 2006, FIGISCO moved its operations to a plant of 2,000 m2, in order to provide better service to its customers. With this higher level of flexibility, the company continued to grow, manufacturing for major brands and retailers in North America and Europe.


Continuing to grow, in 2010, FIGISCO opened its first Figi's store in one of the largest and most prestigious shopping centers in Peru. Shortly after, the company expanded operations and started to manufacturing menswear and womenswear for renowned international brands. In 2014, FIGISCO launched its own womenswear brand: Karo Koel. Currently, with over 30 years of experience in the textile and apparel market, FIGISCO is recognized internationally for its commitment to quality and service.

Sustainable and
responsible practices
Committment to service
Who we are
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Our focus on quality



At FIGISCO our commitment to quality is based on the following four pillars:


  • Our staff: We offer stability to our employees and promote their professional and personal development. The continuous training of our team encourages and motivates them to meet our quality standards.


  • Our service culture: We demonstrate integrity and commitment by rewarding initiatives and collaboration. Our employees’ commitment to the service standards of the organization cultivates a mutually supportive environment that drives us to take on greater challenges and constantly improve.


  • Our raw materials: We work with high quality fabrics, notions and trims. We specialize in Peruvian Pima cotton, the finest and longest cotton fiber in the world, which makes our products softer to the touch while being more durable than traditional cotton.


  • Our processes: From the design to the distribution of our products, we pay attention to every detail, anticipating and managing any potential barriers before they arise. We monitor quality throughout the entire process to ensure that our customers receive only the best products




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