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At FIGISCO we seek to go beyond simply complying with sustainability standards and responsible practices. We are a long-established company that meets all requirements to produce safe baby clothing. We have a strict code of ethics and social responsibility followed by every member of our team. Our policy includes:


  • Respect for and compliance with human and labor rights: FIGISCO fully complies with current labor laws. Every member of our team receives full social benefits with fair wages to support their families. We provide a safe and comfortable environment and never require employees to work more than the maximum overtime hours by law. We are committed to an environment free from child exploitation, abuse and discrimination of any kind by sex, age, religion or race.


  • Development of values: the foundation of our organizational culture is based on the continuous promotion of our employees’ personal development. We encourage and endorse values ​​such as respect, tolerance, understanding, loyalty, friendship, discipline, punctuality and honesty.


  • Promoting education: we offer scholarships that encourage education in areas such as technical training, motivational speaking, first aid training, and preventative safety education in the case of natural disasters. Additionally we allow flexible work schedules for our employees who are studying.


  • Health Care: We develop and actively participate in disease prevention programs and encourage and coordinate periodic eye exams, vaccinations, dental exams, etc. We also encourage extracurricular activities, promoting participation in sports and physical activity.


  • Environmental protection: We promote sustainable practices and the preservation of the environment through campaigns on recycling, water conservation, energy conservation and the maintenance of green spaces. We seek to minimize the impact of our activities at each stage of the production process. Furthermore, we require our suppliers to commit to our policy of environmental protection.


  • Community Development: We support our community by actively participating in social projects such as holiday fundraisers to support underprivileged children and by making charitable donations to areas affected by natural disasters, among others.


Because we work with renowned international clients such as Walmart, we are subject to ongoing audits by independent third parties such as SGS and Intertek. These successful audits demonstrate the high ethical standards and compliance with safety procedures undertaken by FIGISCO.



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