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We specialize in high quality, customized clothing design and manufacturing. We produce for both private labels, according to our customers’ specifications, as well as for our in-house brands.

Design and

product development

Production and


Quality control

In addition to developing products according to the specifications of our customers, we can also provide assistance with the development of custom designs. Our design department has extensive industry experience with highly trained staff and is always in touch with evolving fashion trends. From the most basic to the most complex clothing designs, such as custom screen prints, embroidery and accessories, we can develop original pieces for each season based on our customers’ needs.


Our design department manages the preparation of samples and pre-production prototypes and the completion of any adjustments needed to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Our production facility has the capacity to produce 100,000 garments per month. The production department handles all manufacturing activities such as the purchase of supplies, fabrics and notions, cutting, assembling, screen printing, embroidery, washing and finishing.


While we can work with all kinds of cotton, we focus on high quality raw materials and specialize in Peruvian cottons such as Pima, Tangüis and organic. The use of these fibers allows us to produce durable products that are soft to the touch.


Our production system is highly flexible, allowing us to switch between the production of basic and complex garments without compromising quality or productivity. Additionally, we foster a supportive work environment and provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure the highest quality of each piece.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to constantly invest in our processes. From the training of our staff to the acquisition of new machinery, we are continuously improving, resulting in increased service quality for our customers and a distinguishably superior product.

Our supplies and materials undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure compliance with our safety policy. For baby clothes, we conduct stringent flammability and shrinkage tests and we ensure the materials we work with contain no lead or formaldehyde. We only use snaps that resist 90N of tension, buttons that resist 70N and zippers with locks.


Our products reduce the risk of suffocation or any damage to the wearer. Additionally, we use a metal detector and control all needle tips to identify any fragments that may remain on the clothing. Upon request, we work with external laboratories to perform additional tests and inspections that may be required to comply with international regulations.


All of our products must pass through checkpoints throughout the production process. We implement a random inspection system combined with control points where each item is reviewed before moving on to the next stage of production. This allows us to ensure design specifications are fulfilled and that each product our customers receive are without manufacturing defects, are properly labeled, without stains or loose threads and are in full compliance with the regulations in their country.



Design and product development
Production and finishing
Quality control
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